Thursday, March 31

Photog Tips (& Giveaway!) Thursday

I declare Thursdays from hence forth "Tip Thursdays".

That means I'll share a useful tidbit about photography & every once in a while give something away. Today I'm giving away a set of 3 of the above postcards. You know why I love postcards? Because you can say much, without saying a lot!
As much as it is in my power to perpetuate the written word, I shall. :)

So. Today's tip.

Did you know that the majority of good pro photographers edit every single one of their images? We spend pain-staking hours color correcting, sharpening, adjusting contrast, light, cloning out pimples, etc etc. Then we give our Lovelies the dvd of images and if perchance you take that dvd to the average printer, the images could come out too dark/too light-- not at all like they look on your screen or how we print them! I can only imagine how frustrating that is!
The problem is most printers "auto correct" the images.

The solution is one of two things: #1. Print your images with us!! Pro print labs have the option to *not auto-correct. That's the beauty in letting us do our job like we're supposed to. A perk is we offer free additional retouching on any images you print with us. Do you want a texture applied? No problem.
#2. Find an online lab or one locally that won't auto-correct or go to someplace you can say "I know these are to be printed just the way they are!"

So I can get to know the printed world outside of my own realm,
leave me a comment with where you print *your images most successfully, be it Walgreens, your home printer, an online lab-- where ever you regularly go and love the way they turn out-- and you'll automatically be entered to win those lovely yellow thangs up there! I'll draw a name tomorrow. A great big ol' thank you!

Cheers, Love


katie said...

I usually do CVS or walgreens because of coupons haha. But ONE day...when I get my dream camera I may take you up on the printing! Because yes the color pics just don't come out the same as with you. Also I love the texture too!

Rendog1977 said...

I use MPix since it was recommended to me from a very reliable source;) But that depends on the kind of prints I am doing. I have used bay lab photos for metal prints. And I do hit up my favorite photographer for linen prints.

JO said...

I go to at costco is an addiction for me! Plus the prints are really really cheap!

Tami said...

Hi my sweet Carli! I love printed photos from you most of all... But I only have a few. I usually go to or walgreens. :) I miss you!! XOXO!

Unknown said...

Walgreen is a good place to go for a quick remedy, but for the prints that I want large format sized, I have gone to Ranch Road or ordered online. Lately I LOVE all my prints from Inked Fingers, and hope to use the same person as I do love me some linen finish!

carli said...

Katie! You're the winner! I'll email you! xo