Friday, March 18

Suzanne and Ruben | Engaged!

I will never forget the first email I received from Suzanne.
It was a solid paragraph of her gushing over our photographs, etsy site, our papery goods. I was flattered!!
We shared the same love of paper, have matching JCrew monthly catalogs and can't get enough of Anthropologie. If those three things aren't enough when I learned her wedding colors were yellow and grey I really couldn't believe my ears-- two of my most favorite colors! So, consider us design twins, if you will.

There is Suzanne. The bubbly ever encouraging, always positive Suzanne. Now enter Ruben.
They met on
As did their best man & his fiance and another groomsman & his gal!!!!
She played hard to get.
He kept falling. She kept running.
Until that glorious day he realized he couldn't live without her.
Johnny and I drove to Houston late last week for this record-breaking shoot. To say "we shot three hours" wouldn't be an exaggeration- it's an understatement! You guys rocked it! We started out at Discover Green, then ended up at the Hilton Hotel across the street.
We can say "pose this way!" or "tilt your head a little that way" but these two just took it to the next level.
Suzanne and Ruben, December can't get here quick enough! Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives! We are honored.

*all our love,
John and Carli

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oooh so architectural! :)