Wednesday, March 30

Wed Wednesday | Ben & Janet sneaky peeky

How's your Wednesday coming along? Id like to point out that I rarely post full weddings on the blog mostly because right now I am playing office manager, photographer, packager, etc. It takes several hours for me to choose the "best ofs", edit, upload, download, arrange, create verbiage, etc. (Who would have thought?) However! That said, to all of our prospective brides, we're really great about posting sneak peeks AND we love to send brides entire wedding galleries. So you can see from prep to send-off how Johnny and I work! So I'll start Wed Wednesdays and make sure to post if not our latest wedding, one of my favorites from back when so you can see all the different brides we are so blessed to know and photograph!
And Ben & Janet's wedding? Janet wins bride of the YEAR! Out of the blue it started raining an hour pre-ceremony and her beautiful outdoor location had to go to planB. Then it stopped raining. Then it started raining again. Then her brooch wouldn't attach to her dress. Then some wedding party was late. But this whole time Janet kept her cool and chilled with her besties and guess what?
Everything worked out in the end.
I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

xo *carli

PS: Oh lovely Kelly, (one of Janet's bridesmaids & our former bride :) I can honestly say I have never had a single one of our brides attend so many of our weddings and refer so many new brides! Janet was a referral of Kelly & Darryl and Christine & Parker. Of course those new brides referred other brides so let's see... Kelly, Christine, Janet, Jennifer, Marie & Lyra. Who am I missing?
Thank you so much Lovelies & especially Kelly for sending your besties our way. We love you guys and had so much fun hanging out last weekend! More photos on the way!
Ben & Janet

Venue | Austin Country Club, Austin, TX
Wedding Coordinator | Kristen Lloyd <--amazing
DJ | Kit Ketterman website
Photobooth Prints (for photobooth guestbook!) | Magbooth website (go HERE to see Kelly's blog!)
Flowers | Bouquets of Austin website <--our brides LOVE them


Kelly said...

Haha yeah, don't forget about Micheal and Casey Erdmann. Not sure when our paths will cross again, Janet was one of the last ones to get hitched. Now on to everyone having babies and you can take photos of them!

Janet said...

Amazing!! We had such a blast and love what we have seen so far. Thank you for helping to capture our big day!