Tuesday, April 19

Austin Maternity Session | Mayfield Park

I never met Viva before. She was in town visiting with her family just for the week. Viva's husband is military so they currently live overseas. We had a four day window to shoot and I never would have imagined one evening could be so delightful.

Viva really wanted to shoot in the bluebonnets since her husband was from TX. It was her first baby. Two days before the shoot I drove around 360 and 2222 for almost 3 hours and NO bluebonnets! I hated having to tell a client "Eh! I can't do that!" Anyway, we agreed to meet at the base of the Pennybacker Bridge then head over to Mayfield Park and this is how the story went:

I see them in the distance and start walking, camera gear in tow, towards Viva, her sis and Mom.
I look to my left and there is a screeching park attendant with a bony finger pointed our way. "COME HERE!"
Oh my. The park attendant then proceeds to tell us we owe $5/person to shoot on the grass 30 ft away. Riiiight. I've shot there before and never paid a penny. Well after multiple trips to our cars and discovering they don't take credit cards, well. What a story.

The park nazi was not so kind and what crazy circumstances to first meet clients! I knew all 4 of us would get along splendidly when I walk back to Viva and her family and all of them are cracking up! Here I had behind me a long long weekend and no sleep. But in those few moments, those laughs we shared reminded me we're all only human and this was going to be one heck of a shoot.

Oh wait! I forgot to mention that there was a wedding finishing up at Mayfield Park and in the first 10 minutes we were there, the entire park was cleared out and no one was there! I've never experienced anything like that. Peacocks cocadoo-doodled over our heads. (Yes Julianna! They were so close weren't they?!) and we traipsed from one palm to the next without worrying who was behind us.

And I feel like I gained life long friends.

Thank you Viva, Mom and Sister (they said I could call them that ;) for your trust in my vision, for your laughs, your "Ou! What about over here!" and for including me in your family. It was a glorious evening, wasn't it?

I got an email from Viva's Mommy yesterday and was wiping away the tears. I have sisters, too. I know how difficult it is to be away from family. I am so thankful I can be a small part of yours.


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