Thursday, April 28

i ain't lost, just wandering

i like it when i'm in the city when the air is so think and opaque
so Adele sings

i'm fascinated with talent
with people who are doing what they were born to do and they shine like stars
i want that energy

i read somewhere that adele wrote this song when she was 16
these melodies overflowing from within. what it appears this gal was born to do.
and she's doing it! woo!

sorry this week i've just been off my routine. sorry! :(
i promise a fabulous giveaway and photo tip next week.

have an incredible weekend! i'll be at the may day craft fair on sunday at caffe medici and would love to see you. come on by.

cheers, love


joana_mty said...

Could not make it, but will there be another day where you will display your products in Austin??

carli said...

Dear Jo,

Looks like there might be a late summer show at Medici as well! I'd be delighted to meet you and I'll keep you posted! xo Thanks for your interest!!