Tuesday, April 26


How are you? How was your Tuesday?
I've been running errands almost all day today and every place I've gone someone's started up a conversation with me. It's interesting. What's different today than any other day? I don't feel more approachable. Well I love that about today. I also love that several of the places I've gone (from coffee shop, to printer, grocery store) I encountered familiar friendly faces.

I moved every 2-3 years of my life growing up with my father in the Air Force. Even out of school Johnny and I've moved back and forth from San Antonio to Austin (in different parts of the city) so I've never frequented places in a city long enough to become acquainted with and have a positive impact on these people and places that are a regular part of my life.
I like familiar. As much as I enjoy new and challenging, I could get used to this familiar.

We've got so much going on right now. Mostly just trying to prepare for our May 1st craft show and finish up album orders which keep coming in! As I dropped posters for May Day off at several places around town I was surprised with how welcoming and accommodating everyone was. I love Austin.

And that's that. Here are a few photos from the last week on IG. Mount Bonnell, Butler Park, some new stationery for the craft show we've created and a random tree at dusk.

I chose Opportunity for the poem of the week. I memorized it in middle school and can still quote it verbatim. The poem is about two men. One was angry at the outcome of his situation and lost a battle. The other took what the loser had discarded and won the battle. So it is with life. We don't have a choice with what we are handed, but we do have a choice with what we make of it, how we react to the situation. Whether we just survive or thrive.

May we all open our eyes to the opportunities around us that are only waiting to be found.


Cheryl Earnest said...

Its your smile Carli. You invite people in with your smile. Have a lovely evening.

Reni said...

Yup, your smile is one in a million. It is the one thing I remember about the first time I met you. And everytime I see you, I see that same smile. You rock;)

Han Stoney said...

stationery looking lovely! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday x Hannah