Tuesday, April 5

IG Tuesdays

(I was really in the mood for Explosions in the Sky this morning. Maybe you are too.)

Carli here.

Already have your brew ? Well go grab your favorite and then have a seat. There aren't many this morning to view. I've pulled these snapshots from back in the fall. They all have the Nashville filter applied to them which I was obsessed with then.

Yesterday I uploaded a few of our Instagram prints onto Etsy for sale.
$8 for a 5x5 printed on archival paper.
I'm only selling a few of each. If you see one of our prints you'd like and I don't yet have it for sale shoot me an email!
Personally, I've been so sick of taking photos and them filling up hard drives I thought it was time to finally get some of my daily life printed. The whole wall above my computer will soon be filled with square photos, from 5x5 to 10x10s, several prints not my own but taken by those that inspire me in from the IG community. Should be interesting. ;)

Cheers, Love

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Rendog1977 said...

I needed this today, so thank you for making me smile. It just was what my brew needed.