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Los Cabos Wedding | Candid Talks with a Destination Bride

Jessica & Ryan
Los Cabos, Mexico
January 8, 2011

Carli: What made you decide to have a destination wedding?
Jessica: We're from Austin and at our ages, there are so many weddings. Everyone was doing the same thing, and at one point we went to two weddings in two weeks and they had the same venue and band! We decided we wanted something more intimate, more "us" and we figured a beach couldn't describe us better. We loved the idea of going away and having time with our guests for potentially an entire week to hang out and enjoy this time. We wanted to be relaxed, not stressed, and we wanted to be able to have the natural beauty of the ocean. And the exotic backdrop, to us was way better than a cathedral. The only thing we would have changed would have been to ask more people about assistance in paying to get there. We gave our wedding party vouchers as a thank you, and to help with their costs. But I think we would have extended that to other family or friends had we known their situation.

Carli: Describe your wedding!
Jessica: My wedding was in Cabo San Lucas, at the Hilton Los Cabos. It was an absolute dream, down to the weather and the people who attended. We had about 65 guests, one of which flew in the day of the wedding to surprise me. Fabulous gift. We had a seated dinner, which I would only do, no buffets. And a cocktail hour with tons of dancing to follow. Our wedding was joyous and I don't know one person who didn't say they had a fabulous time. The vibrant colored fuchsia flowers, to the elegant water filled vases and submerged orchids, all depicted what we wanted in our wedding. The gorgeous lighting and the thrilling music, set the perfect mood for our January evening wedding. Not to mention the perfect sunset, gorgeous beach and great friends and family to help celebrate all made for a dream come true.

C: How did you end up picking the location you did?
J: We wanted somewhere exotic, but accessible, and we wanted to go somewhere we didn't already have memories at. We will forever love Cabo San Lucas and the HIlton Los Cabos, because of our wedding. We plan to go back once a year to remember and to make new memories. We also picked the Hilton because of the service, the happiness of the staff, and the elegance of the entire place. It didn't feel like Spring Break 2011, but more like an elegant vacation at a nice resort, where people could have fun or get pampered quietly. Also the views from every room are magnificent. We wanted our guests to love it as much as we do.

C: Was a destination wedding easier or more difficult to plan than you originally thought?
J: It was easier. I am an organized person, almost to a fault, but planning at the Hilton was so easy. The wedding planner at the Hilton gave me options, I sent pictures and we worked well together planning every detail. I had a travel agent coordinating with my guests and wedding party, which is essential for destination weddings. She was fabulous and made sure to make recommendations where she saw fit, and it helped to pick out transportation, restaurants, venue, and hotel. I would suggest destination if you want a wedding that is intimate, that people enjoy and to ensure that the important people come. Had we stayed in Austin, we would have had a lot of "obligatory" guests rather than those who came to Cabo because they really wanted to be there and show support for us.
C: What is the most memorable moment at your wedding?
J: There are way too many to write, but one that I love was having some old, some new and then all my family around for a vacation. We were able to hang out, enjoy one another and catch up. I loved sitting poolside or on the beach, reminiscing and enjoying each other's company.
Other than that, I would say walking down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams. Ryan looked so handsome and stunning in his linen suit, barefoot on the sand. I just so enjoyed having a LONG aisle to walk down and remember how it felt. Plus it doesn't hurt to have him staring back at you, now does it?

C: Can you list all of the vendors you used, including wedding dress, bouquet, cake, etc
J: Wedding dress - Belle Saison, North Austin - ask for Brianna(fabulous!)
Flowers, food, cake, venue, hair/makeup/nails - Hilton Los Cabos - HIGHLY RECOMMEND. They did a fabulous job and still are doing a wonderful job keeping in touch, etc.

Photog - Inked Fingers!! BEST PEOPLE EVER! From becoming friends with our photographers, to loving their work and creating a new relationship that will grow for years to come, this was the best investment we made in our wedding.

C: Any words of wisdom/comments for those thinking of a destination wedding?
J: Do what YOU want to do. Don't listen to everyone else whispering in your ear. If you want destination, then do destination. I would NOT do an all-inclusive resort. They tend to not offer the same type of maturity and elegance you want for a wedding. Also, get a resort or venue that offers every service you need, from setup to food to music to flowers. It saved me and my husband's sanity and stress was almost non-apparent. Also, pick a place to get married during a good vacation time. We did right after New Year's so people would use this as a "family trip" or their holiday vacation time. I think that is a huge reason we were able to have so many people. Also, if you get married, don't get married on a Thursday or Friday to save money. It saves you money and costs your guests more money/time.

C: What were your favorite moments that we caught on camera?
J: I loved having you all there all weekend, to capture our rehearsal/dinner and wedding. We were able to bond with the photographers, so the pictures were more genuine. I adore the picture of us at the bonfire at our rehearsal dinner. I love the picture of Ryan and I with the crashing waves behind us, and I love the sequence of the limbo contest that broke out. I also like looking back at all of the pictures and seeing things I didn't see before, or never saw because I was on cloud 9.

Thank you, Jessica!


PS: Jessica is a referral of Christine & Parker (who was also referred by Kelly & Darryl) who referred Ben & Janet and ... about half dozen other brides.
Thanks you, Lovelies. So many inspiring couples we're privileged to meet and travel to these incredible locations!

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