Sunday, April 17

The Story of Love | Cheryl & Jay Sneak Peek

A man can cry "love" at the top of his lungs
but if he has not love he is a resounding symbol.

Love is patient. Love is kind.
Love always has a story.
For Cheryl and Jay, love was waiting many many years.
They weren't high school sweethearts but they went to the same high school.
They dated others, always in a relationship when they were around each other.
Back in the day, they rode on a motorcycle together.
Jay's sister was Cheryl's best friend through all of these years.
If I had listened a little more closely I would have remembered
What it was, just that moment when Jay saw this woman not as another,
but as one he could call his own.

Then everything was clear as a big blue sky.
Though they had both been through marriages.
Though they both had children grown and married,
Here standing before them was the one they had waited
their whole lives for...

Love is patient.
I know because when Jay and Cheryl walked down that aisle together,
past and present proved the same.
In that moment everything in the world was right.
They became one.

The moment I think I have love all figured out,
it confounds me.
Love always has a story.
How blessed I am to know and preserve so many of them...



Anonymous said...

Love your writing!

joana_mty said...

aaww!...Hey Carli I know that as a photographer you probably use Photoshop. I was wondering if you do, would you might sharing some tips for your readers! plz! Thanks!

carli said...

Dear Jo, Sure thing! Great idea. This week I'll post a few photoshop tips. Thanks for your feedback! xo