Friday, April 15

Making it thru Friday

Today as I sit in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf editing glorious engagements, my mind drifts to Mexico.
It's impossible to travel and not expect to get sick... at least once.

Our trip to Mexico in January for Jessica's wedding I had a severe sinus infection the whole 4 day trip. It went from bad the first day we were there, to worst by the day we were headed out and no crazy amount of Mexican-curated antibiotics cured my pain. The second to last day we were there John and I went sailing. Several weeks earlier, we chartered the Captain Bob to take us out around the Sea of Cortez with several other unknown couples. John said I didn't have to go if I didn't *feel like it. There was no refund at this point. Oh even if I didn't feel like hanging out at the beach or drinking margaritas there was no way I wasn't going to go sailing while we were on Mexican sand.

Oh glorious serendipity! The other couples didn't show and John and I had this magnificent sail boat all to ourselves with Captain Bob's homemade guacamole and his first mate, Alfredo, to wait on our every need--kleenex's and sun screen included. If you're in Los Cabos this is one thing you absolutely have to do.

John took that photo up there. ^^ It is one of my favorites. A sail boat and Jeff Buckley. Does a get any more glorious?


joana_mty said...

That's such a great shot!

carli said...

Thanks Jo! I'll pass that on to Johnny. ;)