Monday, April 18

Music Monday | Waking Up

My trusted friend and fellow enfj Emily recommended One Republic's Waking Up-- the entire album. I rarely buy entire albums. Late last year I was running long miles and needed some new music. Wow. I love every song on Waking Up and from start to finish it's an incredible album to train to! It's a difficult album to categorize into one type of music because, even as they admit themselves, they go from organs and acoustics to drums and noisemakers. They are all over the board but their lyrics are honest cries from the heart. To me, it's a band on the road desiring real, trying to find themselves without giving too much of themselves away in "Secrets", to the harsh reality of growing up in "Fear" or the makes-you-want-to-jump-out-of-bed-and-conquer-the-world "Good Life".

If you end up buying the entire album on itunes, watch the video. It makes the album that much more enjoyable. And remember to keep "Everybody loves me" for the last few miles of your run. It'll keep you in stride to finish strong.

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calista said...

I love these guys! They've been on "repeat" for the last couple weeks for me. I bet they'd be just perfect for running!