Monday, April 25

Music Monday :: William Fitzsimmons and Slow Runner

I almost forgot that William was playing at Stubbs last night, until a few hours before. Not only was it a great show but even Johnny was impressed. ;) William is funny. He's down to earth. He's an incredible musician and more people should listen to him. Interesting few facts about him: both of his parents were blind and he recorded and produced both of his first two albums solo in his home town of Pennsylvania. He produced both of his first albums? I love how he didn't have to search out a big label company to say "Make me sound like this!". William just... is. So here, take a listen...

The band Slow Runner opened for William, then played his backup. I'm impressed! I just went to their website right now and their youtube videos don't do them justice-- I could listen to them for hours while editing. They sang everything from something Coldplay-like inspired to a keyboard driven sound like Phoenix. I loved it and was pleasantly surprised. With as incredible as William is live it's no wonder he would be touring with an equally inspiring band!

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