Friday, September 13

Photo Tip | How to Organize Image Files on my harddrive

Hello Lovely.

I posted this almost 2 years ago and was speaking with a friend about it this week,
so I thought I would reblog it this afternoon! :)

How to Organize Image Files on Your Harddrive

Do you feel like your harddrive is a 4 lane highway only getting more crowded? Maybe you think "Oh... I'll organize my images later." That won't happen! Later is today.

Before I had my lovely friend Renee take over my mess of images, my harddrive looked something like this. Maybe you can relate?

 Sara's Wedding
10 May Laurens ESess
Jess+Ryans W
R's Boudoir
10/20 San Fran Trip
Aug 8 Wedding

Sure, I knew where all of my images were. It just took me a while to find them. Here is what my harddrive looks now:

Does that look daunting? I am so thankful for it! Essentially I group my images by:

1. Year
2. Type of client (or maybe just time of year, ie: Spring, Summer, Fall OR not have this at all if its just personal images)
3. Date & type of shoot (the year first to keep them lined up in a row, then month & date // 11 04 10)
4. Type of images (those that I chose for the blog, the raw files, those I picked from the raw files, etc)

I had a lovely friend/client email me last month asking if they could get the high res dvd from a shoot back in 07 and unfortunately that was before this. ^^ So I said I'd go did through my harddrives to find the images. Wowee. Talk about not fun! Sound familiar?

Have hope! Here's your first step to get organized:

#1. Create the folders that you want to start using. It won't take that long!
#2. Immediately start putting your images in those folders from today onward!
#3. Create an alarm every weekend to work 15-20 minutes on organizing past shoots.

You can do it! You'll be so thankful you did!
Addtional Tip: If you really want to get organized, name all of your images with the date & event type. It makes for a long .jpg name but in the unfortunate event your harddrive crashes or someone else needs to access your images quickly, you can search your computer for "the name of the event" and up come the images themselves! Win!!

Cheers, Love


joana_mty said...

Oh thank you so much! I have yet to organize my photos!

JO said...

Great pointers! I keep meaning to organize my photos. This has given me some direction to start!

Eric Doggett said...

Great organization there! I've also found that if you include the 4 digit year in your folder name, then all of your folder names will sort by number correctly. For example, instead of "110108 Amy Sanders Family", try "20110108 Amy Sanders Family".

It sorts correctly both in the finder/explorer and in Lightroom.


Marie C. Masters said...

What perfect timing! I am about to sit down to organize and have been trying to decide between a date based file structure or an event one, not sure why this didn't occur to me. Thanks Carli!

carli said...

Dear joana_mty,
You're the winner! Email me your snail mail address and I'll hook you up. ;) Thanks for your encouragement Lovely. xo

carli said...

Eric, Thanks! Good advice especially for Lightroom users.
Love the new logo, btw. ;)

carli said...

Marie!! I'm so thankful you commented on my blog as I had forgotten the link to yours! Hooray! Love reading about NY city and what's happening with you & Mikey! *hugs

carli said...

Jo?! Is this my dear penpal Jo? Oh speak again bright angel! haha I miss you! I owe you a letter and I'd love to know your blog if you have one! I was just thinking of you today when I was at the p.o. and thinking I need to figure out postage to Europe! (And if this isn't that Jo, ha!) Hope to speak soon! xo