Thursday, April 7

Photo Tip Thursday | Point of View / Vantage Point

Good morning.

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This week our photography tip is vantage point.
It's defined as "a position or standpoint from which something is viewed, a perspective."
Do you wonder how great photographers can "tell stories" with their photos? Do you find a lot of your photos all look the same, without saying anything? It could be perhaps you're not getting close enough to your subject or maybe you're always standing, flat footed in the same upright position when you go to take a photo. As a student of photojournalism we were taught two main things: get at whatever angle you need to to get the shot & "crop in camera" (a lesson for another day).

I thought we'd use Kelli's puppy Roadie as an example.
Just from looking at the photo below, can you see the vantage point from which I took the photo? Was I standing next to Roadie? Was I above him?
I'm lying in the grass.

Just like in this one:
And finally I really wanted to get Roadie's puppy face and I knew the best way to do that was not straight on or shooting on my belly looking up at him, but looking down.
Here's that from-above vantage point where I got in nice and close:
It's a habit whenever I look at another person's photo, one of the first things I do is try to envision the vantage point of the photographer. Some of my most favorite images are taken from vantage points I have never tried before! It's a great challenge! Now you know the word "vantage point" and how it's applied, let's see how drastically your photos will improve this week! Don't be afraid to get up and close or down low or get a chair and shoot top down. First, collect in your mind what is important for the photo, then do whatever it takes to get there.

Ultimately, if you're shooting and you're not saying "Oh wow!" as you're looking at the images you're taking, then perhaps no one else will either. Don't take an image thinking "well... the next one will be better." Move around or reposition your subject until you're saying "Awesome!" Make the shot. Own it!

Speaking of awesome, I want to melt into those eyes! Sadly Roadie doesn't even live in Austin anymore, but thank you Kelli for rescuing this little pooch! He's a great model!
That's all for today!

Go get'em, class! ;)


~Joanna said...

I'm gonna have to try changing up and looking for creative vantage points! Thanks Carli! Have a great day

joana_mty said...

Wow just started reading your blog, such helpful advice thanks!!!

Kheira Westphal said...

What a cute pup, I just want to squeeze him! I need to talk to Evan about having you photograph our dog babies!

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I rescued a beagle through Hound Rescue a couple years ago - my sweet Molly!

I like the idea of imagining vantage point.. and one thing I do, too, is picture what all may be going on just beyond the borders of the picture frame.. :)

Cheray Natalie said...

Your shop is filled with such lovely things! And little Roadie is just soooo cute!
(I found you via Laura's blog!)
Cheray x

carli said...

I completely forgot about my giveaway last week! Sorry guys! xo The winner is... Kheira!!