Tuesday, July 31

with that moon language | inkedfingers poem of the week

Maybe you remember when I used to post Inkedfingers Poem of the Week?

I started poem of the week mid last year. Now that I'm in more of a routine with the blog I think I'd like to bring it back. This life goes by too fast to not slow down for a brief moment, read words positioned as an artform and revel in their application.

We are going fast. Every moment of the day.

Poetry makes you think. I like that. Every word is positioned carefully, every syllable thought out.

The poem for today is one that struck a chord in me this morning. Maybe it will in you, too. ;)


PS: I'm still keeping Instagram Iphoneography Tuesdays! I've just put them in a collage instead!


Laura Elizabeth said...

YES! I love that you are blogging more and more! They're my favorite posts to read...of course.

Reni said...

So glad to see you bring back the poem of the week. It always is a favorite of mine. Your posts always strike a chord with me. Love it and love you.

joana_mty said...

love those instagram posts!

carli said...

Dear Laura,
It sure does take a lot of discipline to do it weekly! You're MY inspiration to connect more to this technology! I don't know how you do it but you're great at it! Thanks for your kind words!!

carli said...

Dear Reni,

So thankful to have you as my sister-in-law (but more like a sister ;) and not so surprising we've got a lot a like! Thanks for your feedback on the potw! Let's see how long I can keep it going. ;) Love you too!

carli said...

Dear Jo,

Thank you Lovely!! xo

AmyQ said...

LOVE Hafiz:). Great poem! Thanks for visiting me lately. I'm not as good at responding on my blog. I have a hard enough time even blogging! Lol! I think you can sympathize:) hugs sweetest Carli! Xoo

Lindsey Ramage said...

Ah, the language of the moon.