Thursday, May 19

Energy | Beautiful Day

In between long edits, long hair, short clips and short sighs I'm reading this:

I'm learning a lot, such as both of our father's were in the air force. I just finished reading the chapter on her photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono and her tour with Mick Jagger. Up to that point, she had always photographed bands at live shows, but never had this intimate behind-the-scenes peek into the Rolling Stones. I can't even imagine. What a real life dream. Her editor at the Rolling Stones magazine told her if she took this tour, she might not have a job when she came back.
She took the risk.

So while on tour with them, Annie explains this disparity: the high from pure energy, the show they put on, the intense connection this band had with the live audience, to the low lonely long road trips in between cities. It's obvious now that I say it, but I wouldn't have thought of it before. I feel the the same on a much smaller scale with photographing weddings or any gigs for that matter... I'm caught up in this explosion of energy while at a gig: "Oh wow! Look at that! This is such an incredible day to be a part of!" to capture so much beauty, to know you're capable of freezing time! It's a power trip! What a gift!
Then to wake up the next morning and know I have to sit in front of a computer for the next two weeks solid.

It sounds so depressing! haha It isn't at all. It's just... it's just the way it is and I think as a photographer it's really hard to find a balance between that high high and the low.
Photographing, telling stories is what I was born to do.
Editing, emailing, keeping track of expenses, numbers all are necessary evils.

Today, the woman I want to be finds balance...
in this beautiful day.

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