Monday, May 23

Facebook + Inkedfingers

Good morning!

How was your weekend? I want to post all of the fantastic vendors I met at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend! The photo above was from a cute woman who sold canvas bags and the like with that saying. I'll post more later in the week so I can keep my Monday groove. ;) Keep an eye out! I was so impressed with how many quality products and wonderful people were there! I went with my friend Margaret who is also a paper lover and we were in our own little heaven. Hand bound journals, vintage maps, home made greeting cards, water color prints... my oh my. I forgot to bring my camera if you can believe that! So, more on that to come!

You probably already knew this, but we have an InkedFingers facebook account! I mention it now because I don't plan on a redesign of the blog soon and I know it can be frustrating not seeing different categories you can click on to view more of our work! We've made that easier in facebook.

So here's my suggestion to view more of our wedding and engagement photos:

1) On our blog: See the tags on the bottom of the photos? Click on "weddings" or "engagements" or "music" or whatever you want to see more of!

2) On our Facebook page: "Like" and then click through our scores of galleries on facebook here: Inkedfingers Facebook

cheers, love

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