Tuesday, May 3

Ig tuesdays | Kill it Kid II

Today will be short and sweet. We have an engagement shoot in Houston this evening with Brandi and Adam, and a wedding and maternity session to put some finishing touches on!

I'm going to make a card out of that last middle photo "You're on my mind". I took the majority of the photos above at the craft fair this weekend. Good times. ;) That lovely lady in the middle with the beautiful red hair is Hannah Stoney herself, who put on the craft fair! Thank you Hannah! What fun it was. Cute as button those two are!

The "IF" in the middle is my new abbreviated logo. I haven't figured out where I will use it but right there seems appropriate for now.

I started a tumblr yesterday: http://inkedfingers.tumblr.com/ If anything it will just be abandoned, as my twitter account. Nonetheless it looked pretty and I liked the title "fresh ink", although it is anything but original.
Another thought. Another day.

With my hours on the computer editing I just discovered in Youtube you can create playlists and so, Kill it Kid has their own. They're original. ;) Here's another of my favorites.

Cheers, Love

ps: This weather puts me in a fantastically happy mood! And listening to Kill it Kid talk makes me want to speak British! Cheerio pip!


Han Stoney said...

it's us! Love it, thanks Carli x

carli said...

Hannah!! Hooray! So glad you love them! I can't stop listening to them!

Anonymous said...

Good aren't they....