Monday, May 16

It's... Monday

It was really really hard to get out of bed this morning. After some English Breakfast tea and a few inspirational quotes left by twitter friends, I ran across this on TedTalks to listen to while I edit. Thought it was worth sharing.

I like to observe people and isn't it true, people around you, people you interact with can't help but respond positively to a smile, whether you're at the grocery store or getting your morning cup of coffee, or dealing with the coworker that annoys the heck out of you. If you're having another.... Monday, watch these two videos and tell me you don't feel just a little better?


"Don't feel shy. Now you can do full laughter, Inhale like this..... "
oh. my. gosh.

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Reni said...

Thanks for sharing. It was very much needed this morning.