Monday, May 2

music monday :: kill it kid

I feel like I typically post borderline-melancholy music or maybe I just listen to it a lot lately? ha Well not today!

It might be because yesterday's show was nothing short of a w e s o m e ! Because people came out to support me that I wouldn't have thought. Because, though I was unsure of the outcome, everything fell into place.

It might be because today, of all days, there is justice in the world and America is once again showing the world to be the superpower that we are.

Or maybe I decided to post these guys because they are a fairly new band to the music scene (2008) and they are unbelievably freakin amazing rock and roll. Is this going a little too far, perhaps giving them the potential of Stevie Ray Vaughn? They're from the UK, as is Adele. Kill it Kid was signed by an Indie label and this song was just released in March 2011. Youtube all of their videos. There's few that aren't as incredible as this.

Don't be fooled by how young and quiet they look.

(Couldn't find a photo credit for this photo. Anyone?)

*psst. Turn your volume down. Happy Monday!

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