Friday, May 6

Textures of New York | In reflection

I spent a few minutes yesterday organizing an old hard drive and came across my New York photos. Everything happened so fast on that trip, even the planning of the trip itself. Renee lived there then. It was a visit with her to a city I had never been. You don't forget the rush-rush from place to place and in true New York City style- even my departure was rushed. I loved New York. It was my first and only visit to the City but I'm confident I could never live there. Cities like New York exist for dreamers like me, to revel in their beauty, their diversity, to make me want to capture every corner of a building, every fresh or weathered face.

I chose four random photos from my trip and later noticed how much texture there is in all 3. How lovely. The two birds, three stumps and bright yellow foliage. My trip was in November. The billowy sea. The shadow and shape of fresh leaves and antiquated iron.

I love unfamiliar territory. Perhaps I will go back one day, again, with people I love. In the words of Laura, Experiences are only as delightful as the people you share them with. So true, Lovely.

Have a delightful Friday!



Reni said...

Love these. Reminds me of all the trips I took there while I was growing up.

carli said...

Reni, I thought of you when I was writing this post. ;) You and I need to go back to upstate... in the fall!!

Reni said...

We can do this and when you come I will take you to Nervous Dog first. There are so many places I was never able to show you when I lived there, but the history there and the colors are inspiring. Maybe an Adirondack road trip;)