Wednesday, May 18

Two Brothers | Dallas Portrait Photographer

I will tell you a secret.
But don't tell anyone...
especially not my husband!
So here it goes.

Johnny is a fantastic children's photographer!
This is his first portrait session up in Dallas and, with the help of our former intern
Nichole Clark, they rocked it!

Thank you Ashley and Mary Helen for the referral! We're honored to officially be in the Dallas market and hope to be planning more shoots up there in the near future. We also had the privilege of photographing Mary Helen's daughter's birthday party, which we'll be posting soon! They shot candids at the pool party and had us bring the photobooth which, from what I hear, got a little crazy!! Can't wait to get show you them! Have a fantastic day!



Reni said...

These are absolutely amazing. So now I know that I need to get you both up this way;) Great job John.

joana_mty said...

Wow those are truly inspirational and amazing shots! Incredible!