Friday, June 17

But Wait!

Ahhh! Only 3 hours until the sun is setting! The day is ending!

And this chalkboard sums up my life right now. It was filled just moments before with work to-dos. Now it is a message to Johnny. I never knew how difficult it could be to balance a full time job, keep the house clean and make my man happy. It isn't easy, well, making Johnny happy is, but the other two... the scale always tips one way or another... clean house, messy office then messy house, clean office.

There's one constant: love.
Some people never know this in their lifetime. Lately, it is my sanity.

Here's a thank you to Johnny and Diana and Amber and Autumn for keeping me sane this week while the business (and the cleanliness of my house!) gets out of hand. I am blessed with so many incredible friends.

PS: I didn't put my watermark on it so you could email it to the one you love.

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Anonymous said...

Carli, you are a superwoman who has too many talents.. little time and an abundance of love that fills each heart you come near... I am blessed to call you my wife and my very best friend.