Tuesday, June 28

Instagram Tuesday's

It's 7:43pm, but it's still Tuesday, right? So I can still post my Instagram Tuesdays?

For those of you that don't know, this is instagram: http://instagr.am/
It's an app on my iphone 4 that I take photos with. I will be honest in saying I was very hesitant at first to post images from my iphone on my pro photography blog, but these, my friend, are the times we live in. As much as I want to get mad at the digital world for making photography so easy and accessible to every man, feeling a small part of my job/talent stripped away, I cannot deny that it has also put an art in every man's hand. *Almost no talent required when you're using a simple and beautiful an app as Instagram, in my opinion. What a better time to get into photography, to experience the world around you, to create memories...

If you want to buy a point and shoot (not an slr) for under $300 to carry around with you, something with a relatively good depth of field and iso, then don't look in the point and shoots. Just buy an iphone4.

So thankful to be a part of the community that is IG and so grateful to the people that I've met that encourage and inspire me every day! IG has incredibly talented people posting! Here is a quick look back at the week in IG pics, yes, all taken with my iphone:

*an album ready to be packaged and mailed

*our puppy Ellie after a run at the lake.

*a braid and stripes kind of day

*Pam's custom stamps ready to mail!

* i called this "cloud mountain". some images just look better turned upside down. :)

* watching the remnants of a sunrise, and i don't watch too many of those

Have a great week! Can't wait to show you my post tomorrow for Wed Wednesday! Woohoo!

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