Monday, June 13

Music Monday :: Teitur

It was 2005 when I first heard of Teitur. I was living in an efficiency apartment the first place I called my own and the little speakers I hooked up to my desktop pc couldn't pump out Teitur loud enough. I'd take him on my runs around the neighborhood and my long rides on the bus from work, back to home again.

I don't know where he is today, but when I hear this song it is no less to me now than it was then.

There's too much sky
And not enough blue
There's too many questions to why I love you
There's too many clouds and not enough sun
The rain must fall on everyone
I'm fire and you're the ccean
I'm energy and you're the rhythm
Love is somewhere in between what you believe and what you dream...

Have a lovely Monday.

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Rendog1977 said...

Hey I remember that place. That is the first time I was able to really get to know you. And we told you we were pregnant with Matt.