Thursday, June 16

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Today's Photo Tip Thursday is going to be short and sweet since I have a conference call in a wee bit! I met another talented photographer this week and she asked if I made a design template for my contracts. "What do you do to jazz up your contracts?" She asked.

Give up the paper! I have one word for you: TAVE, it's an online studio management system.

I have no need to jazz up my contracts because we don't print them! Especially booking so many clients that are out of city, it's so convenient for both of us! For $25/month Tave is "a comprehensive photo studio management application helping studios organize their business and book online. Send a quote to a new lead and sit back as they book your quote, sign your contract electronically, and pay your retainer from the comfort of their home. Track leads and email conversations, set up contact forms, organize your tasks, monitor your finances and a whole lot more with Táve."

Can you afford to pay a LOT more with a few more options? Then check out their competitor ShootQ.

+ Customize the look/feel of your front-end account so client's feel like they've never left your site!
+ Aside from keeping track of new leads, you can immediately see through bars and graphs how much money will be coming in over the next few weeks/months, based on the gigs/quotes already entered
+ Keep track of how much sales tax you owe
+ If you are consistent at entering all of your expenses, you can see how much you're spending per client
+ On one main home page you can see all of your to-dos, past date invoices, upcoming gigs, even client birthdays (if they choose to enter that info)
+ You can customize what the client sees on your contact form so you're only gathering the information you want, and TAVE organizes it!
+ And so many others...

CON: Especially if you've been in business for several years entering in past data, client info, your studio's cost vs what you make, contracts, etc is a BEAST! It might take a few days to a solid week to get everything entered.

But it is so worth it. ;)

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joana_mty said...

I know this has nothing to do with tip that you gave us, but I was wondering how you take pictures when you have little lighting. I was in a concert a while back and since I barely started to take pictures I am not as confident with the camera. However, there was very little lighting and since I did not want to use flash I had to slow by shutter speed and increase my ISO. Is there a way to get good quality without using flash?? Thank You!!!