Friday, July 1

One of the first few Instagram photographs I took, at Bastrop State Park, Nov 2010

I got an email a few weeks back from Josh, one of the community leaders of Instagram. He mentioned was doing an article on IG and wanted to know if I wanted to be introduced to the reporter doing the story. What was, I wondered? I googled it.

Well, why not?

Jenn responded with a few questions and assuming I'd get one line in the article (still wasn't sure what it was about at this point) I wrote my life IG story. Well the article was published yesterday and turns out our IG feed is one of the top 15 in Instagram-land.

You can read the article here: Mashable

I wish I could say "I DESERVE THIS!" "WOO!" But you know I think there are so many others that take better photographs than I that should be up there (@koci @ojioji to name a few). I'm honored and I really do keep going back to read what I wrote, wondering if it sounds too cliched, too wordy, too... anything. I'm thankful to be listed. So here's to this serendipitous moment.

I'm no. 4 on the list and four days from when that the article was posted, on July 4th of this year, John and I will celebrate 4 years of marriage. I'm not into the no. 4 or anything... :)

If any of my IG followers read my blog, it's obviously because of you guys that I'm even on that list. Thanks, fellow IG-ers. I meant what I said, Instagram is an incredible community I'm very proud to be a part of!

Cheers, Love

PS: I posted yesterday a photo that said "Tell me something great about your day or something silly" and my IG feed blew up with stories that made me laugh hysterically! Go read them if you need to laugh for the day ;) Thanks IG!


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I follow you on Instagram and your photos are beautiful....and your photos on here are also beautiful! Mashable is HUGE and it is pretty cool to see you featured on there.
@angryjulie on instagram

Anonymous said...

Carli, you forgot to mention that your child number 4 of a family of 6 I guess this does make "4" your number! :)