Monday, August 1

August 1 music monday :: feist, the reminder

Today is the first day of our sabbatical. A few weeks ago I was sure I would have everything tied up in a perfect little bow by this morning.

Who was I fooling? We have three albums, a portrait session and 1 and a half weddings to finish.

But that's okay. I woke up this morning at 8 instead of my usual 7:30. I went outside and watered my garden. And as I was watering my garden I was reminded that the heaviest , stressful expectations that I have no one has put on me, but myself.

So instead of walking into my office this morning in a stress-filled tizzy , I decided to put on some of my favorite music and just knock one thing off of my to-do list at a time. (Usually I have 5 windows open trying to get that card ordered, that email answered, those photos uploaded... you get the picture) One thing at a time. My goal is to finish them by Thursday.

I have all of August to re prioritize, to establish new habits, to hide in my lovely house and clean out the refrigerator that hasn't been cleaned in a year, go through the guestroom that has turned into the "garage sale room", take my long arm and throw all the clutter on my desk to the floor and go through every receipt, sticky note and unlabeled dvd.

I feel it all.

Today's going to be a great day. One baby step at a time...


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Anonymous said...

Love that song! Thanks for the reminder that I can only do one thing at a time. I sorely needed to hear that :-}

Have a wonderful sabbatical!