Tuesday, August 23

Austin Children's Photographer | Baby Gavin

Shari and I go way back. We met at a camp in December of 2000, our senior year of high school. She's from Arkansas. I was living in San Antonio. To date, we've never lived in the same city and I can count on my hands the number of times we've actually spent face to face. That hasn't changed that if ever two friends could be soul sisters, on that wintery Dec day, I met my match. We would send each other square fresh ink cards, silly cds we'd make from scratch, have long conversations of boyfriends and dream of one day raising our children on the same block.

Here we are, ten and a half years later and for the first time I was able to hold her perfect baby boy. Shari, Ryan and baby Gavin, I love you guys so much!!! Thanks for letting me break out the ol' dslr! It's my pleasure!!!

You'd never guess we took all of these photos in less than 10 minutes! He's just that good of a little guy! The ones outside were a bit more, complicated, ha! So honored to have been in Missouri long enough to spend some time with your beautiful family, Shari. :)

Love you homefry.
(Homefry? Yeah... I'm pretty confident we made that up in high school too :)

xo, carli , johnny & elle

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Anonymous said...

That last one is the absolute best! Love it - what a handsome little man.