Wednesday, September 21

Kelli Toal | Keep Austin Gorgeous

Need a good stylist? Want to freshen up your makeup for fall?

No. This isn't an infomercial ;)

Keep Austin Gorgeous is {inkedFingers} preferred makeup artist and hair salon. We've had the privilege of working with them for almost 2 years now in the bridal industry, through the salon and having them come on-location to our shoots. I really really love their work. They do regular cut and colors and massages too, not just bridal services! They're located off of Spicewood Springs and mopac in north Austin. It is our pleasure to have had the opportunity to photograph and create cinema for them, which we created earlier last year.

I'm not partial or anything, but Kelli Toal  is my favorite stylist & makeup artist. Every single one of the lovelies there do a great job really but Kelli's got my heart! She books up early, so call soon!!

If you know the hippy me, I don't wear very much makeup. So last spring I went in and booked a make-up refresher class with Kelli. She opened up my makeup bag and told me how to *correctly apply the makeup I had, recommended ways I could really make my eyes stand out and some great spring colors! Loved that! I'm not much for glam but it was nice to hear when I got compliments on my makeup in the weeks following! Thanks Kell! Maybe going in to get a few ideas for fall colors wouldn't be such a bad idea. ;)

OH! I can't forget! They use Kevin Murphy products, all organic and paraben free!!

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