Friday, September 23

Paradise :: Coldplay and Iphone Apps

Every morning at 6:50am, the last week, my eyes pop open as I lay still in bed. My alarm isn't set to go off for another 40 minutes, but here I am, laying in bed and waiting for the day to begin. The sun hasn't even risen yet. I haven't seen many of those in the past few months.

I'll put the kettle on to boil for our french press brew here in a bit. Go in to kiss Johnny to wake him up and he'll probably already be on the computer, answering emails...

We're photographing Jessica and Steven's rehearsal tonight, then wedding tomorrow, then driving down to San Antonio for Catybeth's senior portraits. It's a stellar line up. A fantastic busy weekend ahead! Now for the best part... go ahead and push play. It's paradise to listen to. It was taped in our very own ATX!

In case you thought the "morning light and brew" image above was edited in photoshop, it was actually taken and edited on my iphone! If you have an iphone you should download CAMERA + and IMAGE BLENDER. Who knew it was so easy to make art? 

have a wonderful day lovely,

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