Saturday, September 17

"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own" -Ben Sweetland

I've been gone, haven't I? So much of the last few weeks has taught me the importance of priorities and not working so much. It is a common misconception when I say "I'm a photographer!" for people to think I waltz to weddings, click a few times then come home and party. The truth is, the work I do or rather, the work we do --johnny and i-- is not difficult! It's very easy. It's just the volume of work in owning your own business that's daunting. It's keeping up on blogs. It's answering emails from 100+ people at any given part of the day. It's editing 1,000 images. It's packaging dvds. It's burning dvds. It's fixing computer problems and printer problems and buying new office supplies. It's paying taxes. It's keeping track of receipts, creating albums, revising albums, fulfilling print orders, answering emails, following up with unanswered emails, answering new inquiries, keeping the house clean, pre-wedding conference calls, backing up images, driving to shoots, sending thank you notes...

And I love every second of it. Which is why I can't peel myself away. I work with fantastic people, have an incredible office space and get positive feedback every day. But it isn't good for the human body to work so much. In those few days of August when we were able to step away from the load, I realized the importance of passing my weaknesses off to one who can strengthen us as a team.
Ever the hard way, I'm learning what it means to delegate.

Tuesday we're bringing a new lovely face into the office. Her name is Ali and I cannot wait to delegate. :) I hope this will mean more blogging in the future as we have several weddings and other fascinating things to post...

Until then, know you are loved.


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