Wednesday, October 5

Keeping it Simple | The Healing Dish

 Last week I had the privilege of photographing for the lovely Amber, from The Healing Dish! She's received her nutrition certification over the past year and needed some food photos for her website. Because here at IF we rarely take on product shoots and we're always photographing personalities, this was a fantastic change of pace. 

She emailed me this delicious video the beginning of the year (she knows how much I love to bake) and I'd like to think it was inspiration for the entire shoot... keeping things simple and the actual chocolate beet cake Amber made! I was skeptical, I admit it! She made me try it. (Twist my arm, it's CHOCOLATE cake!) 
It was one of the most moist cakes I've ever had and I couldn't taste a hint of beet! Success! This is one of Amber's goals, to stress you can still eat well and eat healthy.  

Hope you're not hungry. ;) 

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helamenzo said...

Love it ;) very stylish ;) and artistic :)