Thursday, October 6

Opus 44 | This Path We Tread

We waltz through life...
We waltz through this life, seeking ourselves. How ironic it is then. We don't see art, we see ourselves in art. We don't see the world objectively- we see ourselves- our past experiences, our thoughts and hopes and wants and pains when we gaze intently into the world's eyes.

"The true spiritual secret is this: What you seek, you already are" - Deepak Chopra

If I seek to be love, am I love? If I seek to be patient, am I already then patient? How empowering... and humbling.

Many years I did not write because I did not like what I was writing. I didn't think others would like what I was composing, so whether or not it was "me" I did not write. I, then, did not know "me". (If everyone thinks it is not right, does that mean it isn't "you"? On the contrary, whether or not it is the path that they may tread, whether or not it is the path the world treads, it is your path and for you, it is right. If only we could realize this at 17 and not 27.)

Yesterday I came across an old poetry book I had created in 2002. It was unfinished and was filled with sonnets and free verse and iambic pentameter and the words "inked fingers" were in script on the cover. I stared at those words for a long while. I forgot how old "inked fingers" was. Some time in 2001 it was birthed. So then, this is from whence inked fingers came, a love of words that become art. The pen is not in my hand now but the words, not poetry, flow. This is living, this life I now know.

I am thankful. At this hour, a minute past 11:13 I realize in all of my short comings I am living who I want to be. I'm not finished yet.... but for the first time in a long while this path beneath my feet, be it ever rocky, is my path. And I am thankful it is today, this week, this month, this crazy crazy year, that I am where I am.

Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace, to be real, must be unaffected by outside circumstances -Gandhi

May you, my friend, know peace. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, at this time in your life and the journey you are on is none other's but your own. What a beautiful path you tread...

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Kristen said...

how comforting to be on the right track and to allow it to be what it is and see how the story unfolds and what lies around the next corner. all moments lead to this one. and i love that we share a bit of the journey together!