Tuesday, November 22

iphoneography tuesdays | Gratitude

Gratitude solves all problems.

I wrote that on my IG feed a few weeks ago and a fellow IG-er wrote something like 
"I wish. It doesn't solve all problems." 
It's all a frame of mind. See, I write of this stuff not to preach to anyone, but to convince myself.
All of life is our perception. Does gratitude REALLY solve all problems? 
Does it make food *poof* appear on your table?
Does it instantly get rid of the anger in our hearts from years of hurt?
Does it bring that one true love into your life instantly, as if you've been granted three wishes?

Gratitude -- being thankful for what we DO have --
is a reminder
That all that we need, we already have.
It's a mindset.

I'm pulling myself up by my boot straps right now, counting the things I have
not focusing on the things I want so badly.
I have an incredible husband. He loves unconditionally.
He's my business partner, my partner in crime, the one individual on this earth
that understands me.
I am cooking a Thanksgiving dinner with a family two years ago I only wished I 
would have been in contact with.
We've had an incredible year of business, thanks to our Lovelies who 
have supported this Austin, TX small business.

We have food on the table.
We have a door we walk into, that we call home.

This year there is much to be thankful for.

As you gather round that Thanksgiving table, maybe with 20 of your family members,
or maybe you're joining friends that mean the world to you,
remember no matter what you wish you had
or where you wish you were,
You are exactly where you're supposed to be.

Gratitude, I'm learning, solves all problems.

We'll get there...


Laura Elizabeth said...

So beautiful, Carli. You made me cry with your pretty thoughts again!

gina marie said...

im all teared up :)
beautiful words

Unknown said...

I remember reading the IGer's response and thinking this person needs to hang out with you more often. Your perspective, like your photos, are delightful and appreciated.

Tony (exprogdir)