Monday, November 28

music monday :: robin mckelle

This is the third day in a row in Austin, TX the weather has felt like fall. I'm typing with a warm mug close by and scarf around my neck... I just can't bring myself to turn on the heat in the house. On my Harry Connick Jr Pandora station this morning, this song came on. I want to listen to it over and over.

It conjures memories of my barista days, slinging coffee at Starbucks in San Antonio, the very Starbucks where I met Johnny. Elle Fitzgerald and Frankie playing on repeat, us singing at the top of our lungs in between customer lines out the door and spilt frothed milk. Peppermint mochas, pumpkin spice lattes and short espressos topped with whipped. We always said we wanted a tall dark Italian... roast, of course.
All of that in a song.

But  back to today. I've three galleries to upload over the next two days! If you're waiting on some holiday pics, they'll be up soon! In the mean time, know I think of you....

night and daaaaaaaaay

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