Tuesday, December 6

Chrismakkah | Hanukkah + Christmas

Maybe you're wondering.
Or maybe you're not.

But I am.
I've been wondering for years now if I would ever put a Christmas tree in my home. My parents converted to Judaism when I was in middle school and ever since my own heart's path has not been an easy one to follow. In 2004 I moved out on my own and I've found myself doing things solely for other's benefits and purpose. This last year, after doing a lot of research and heart-delving I settled on what was best not just solely for ME, but for me AND my other half. It's called compromise.

And we couldn't be happier.
Last night for the first time in the four years we've been married, Johnny and I went out and picked out a big ol' tall Christmas tree, then decorated it, turned on the lights, pressed "play" on some Bing Crosby and covered and surrounded by the sweet musky smell of pine, we let the last few moments sink in....

Know what?
We're also going to light a beautiful menorah come Hanukkah and we'll read the story of the Maccabees, say a blessing over the candles and maybe spin a dreidal or two. It's not been an easy decision, choosing one or other. That's the point. Nothing is black and white as we perceive, but I feel in my heart of heart's this is right for us,
to do both, to the fullest, realizing what both holidays mean to each of us.

This holiday season we're celebrating the season of life and miracles. We've already experienced a little more of both.



Elisa199770 said...

I love this!!! It's so refreshing to hear from people who celebrate all the beautiful aspects of the holiday season. Much love, E

Laura Elizabeth said...

I like this a million times! Can't wait to see it! :)

maoiliosa said...

i love this so much <3 !