Wednesday, December 14

Facebook, Portfolio Review & What's to Come!

When we began the business I had this grand idea: Because I like alliteration, why don't I be clever and spell Photography with an "F"? So we began a facebook page inkedfingers fotography.
Eh, bad idea. Google search after google search revealed people never found us by typing in fotography. We even had some people trying to pronunce it crAzY! These are only several reasons we've switched to simply inkedfingers.

Unfortunately Facebook doesn't allow you to change your business name after you have 100 followers
so we're forced to create a new page. Here it is!

We're close to tying up all of our Christmas orders and there's a fantastic collaboration early next year! Fantastic opportunities ahead!

As for the here and now, while editing these last few days I've been pumping my head full of wisdom and not just beats and tones. I'm loving Chase Jarvis' live discussions! If you are a photographer -- beginning, intermediate, experienced -- it really doesn't matter where you are on the playing field I promise you'll learn something from this guy and the fabulous guests he brings to the show!


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