Monday, December 19

music monday :: you make me feel...

It's Monday!!

I'm driving to Houston for the next three days to spend some time with my Mommy! 
Then it's back on Wednesday for Chelsea and Chris' engagements, some final editing and 
then countdown until friends arrive! 

I know this time of year is so crazy stressful (especially sitting in traffic in downtown ATX!)
but I encourage you today to find the good, the positive wherever you are, wherever you go.

I want to say thank you really quickly to the Myers Family. We forgot to mail them envelopes for their holiday cards (yep! we made a big mistake) but Tara was so gracious and understanding. Crises has been averted, but her patience with us was a huge gift! 
This is one of a hundred reasons we love our clients! Thank you so much, Tara. 

So although you might be sitting in line for 30 minutes or experience delays, everyone else probably has too! It's not easy, but you never know who just might need that random smile today!

Here's a doll to help get those cheeks pointed UPWARD!

You make me feel...  HAPPY!

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