Wednesday, December 28

pigs can fly. yesireee!

Have you ever been standing in a room and the very presence of someone intrigues you? You want to know more about them, despite you not even knowing their name.

Kristen & I met at an Austin photog dinner and even before I had gone up to say hello, I wanted to know more about her. Three years in passing and I understand why.
(And no, she didn't have a flying pig under her arm then. Well, maybe metaphorically speaking.)

Everyone needs a K-ro in their life.
Today, I'm sharing my K-ro with you.

It's Kristen's motto that pigs can fly. With all that she's been through especially the past year, if she believes it then it must be true.

I remember a conversation we had a few months ago. It went something like this
"hey carli, i'm going to this meeting... do you think i can wear this together ______"
"sure kristen! it works if you want it to work."

The truth is despite me telling her that, over the last few years she has taught me this.
She's taught me 
that it doesn't matter what others perceive, but our path each of us walk on is unique as our fingerprints. Her life's goal is to bring sunshine and positivity into everyone's life that knows her.

One last story...
About this time last year I was experiencing excruciating pain in my abdomen. I didn't know what it was from and I wouldn't know until two months later (the middle of Feb) when a 6mm cyst that was cutting the circulation off of my fallopian tube, burst inside of me. After emergency surgery, I was bed ridden for weeks and I  cannot forget those hopeless winter days when nothing felt right.

Some time during those days I got this amazing card in the mail with a huge rainbow painted on it.
Yep. It was from Kristen. 

It's one thing to know in the back of your mind you are loved and appreciated and thought of.
It's another to feel it.

I encourage you today. 
As silly as it may sound,
be someone's flying pig.
Do something for someone that makes them believe in themselves and the impossible.

Thank you, Kristen, for every day making this world a better place with YOU in it!
I'm so thankful for you friend.

xo, car


Kristen said...

Carli, I'm so thankful for you and the way you see things, and the way you communicate your heart. You inspire me all the time and the feeling is so mutual. Thank you for this beautiful post. You have no idea how much it means to me. Pigs fly everyday.

joana_mty said...

so cute!