Thursday, January 5

The Gift // Family Portraits

My clients are amazing.
This is the perfect example.

This beautiful family is moving out of town and one of my other Lovelies who was recently wed
 bought a portrait session for them.
They give this gift of portraits to their friends and family.

I have lost count of the number of gift sessions we've shot.
It's a beautiful thing.
Can you give any better a gift? The gift of a memory? Of love?
Few things are as valuable.

Johnny met this sweet family up in Lakeway and even though I wasn't there
I can FEEL the love! 
That's some powerful stuff right there!

The N Family... we are honored to be a part of your lives!

Boys.... will be boys!

Johnny's caught some killer shots of our pup Ellie in the past and I've joked 
that we  need to start an animal photography company! ha
What a precious photo! Can you bring your pups to the shoot?

Of course!!!

Thank you , Lovely, for passing along this gift, for sharing us with those that are important to YOU!
And thank you, N Family, for trusting us and letting us give of ourselves!

Amazing... indeed. 

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