Sunday, January 1

happy new year!

7 years ago last night, John & I met.
December 31, 2004

I was a barista in San Antonio and had just turned 21.
Johnny mentioned he'd seen me before, but I didn't remember that part. 
After I handed him his drink
he stood there and gave me grief about not having enough ice in his latte.
I was polite "Well, sorry about that! Let me get you more ice! No problem!" or something like that.
"Well I'll just come back every day and keep asking for more ice..." he joked.
He was cute and funny. I liked that. 
Then he penned a note on a napkin, folded it 
and handed it to me over the counter with my coworkers watching. 
"Just ... read it when I'm gone"
and he smiled and walked away, his long wool coat barely keeping up with his tall stride.
(Of course I don't remember that part, but he has an almost identical coat now and it does barely keep up his stride. :)

This year, it was a quiet New Years, but we're a quiet kind of folk.
Maybe next year we'll hit the woods and camp for the night. 
That would be our style. 
Especially with how busy this year was.

Did you make any new years resolutions?
I don't usually, but I did this year. I only made one.
I want to write a letter a day. I was horrible about birthday's last year and I'd like to think
I can better manage that this year... I hope. :)

Here are the majority of my 2011 letters bundled up! 
The others are in my kraft-paper binder, with hopes of taping them into collages and themes.
Won't it be serendipitous to open them and read them in five years, 10 years and remember
the woes and wonders of 2011? 

I only want what gets better with age... 
Emails and texts and tweets and pinterest and facebook, won't last very long.

I hope it was a wonderful new years for you. I hope it was everything you wanted it to be
and I hope that you & I both don't just set goals this year,
but we pursue them with the tenacity of knowing we shall accomplish them!

Have a wonderful, delightful, New Years day!

cheers Lovely,

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