Tuesday, January 17

iphoneography tuesdays | the best camera is...

I was really hesitant to admit a year ago how excited I was to be able to take fantastic photos with my iphone!
Surely no one will take me seriously, I thought. I'm a photographer, you know, I'm supposed to have that big 10 lb camera and know about aperture and bouncing flash , blah blah blah.

Well times are achangin. As Chase Jarvis said, the best camera is the one you have with you. All of the time Johnny and I get asked "I want a good camera! Tell me which one I should buy!" I will be honest in saying I couldn't even tell you the entry level camera that Nikon has put out recently. If you want a solid all-around camera, my suggestion is to buy an iphone. I own the 4g (not 4gs) and I couldn't be happier.

When we were in Houston this past weekend and stayed at the Hilton Nasa, I was in AWE at the hotel! The branding was amazing, the art, the deco, furniture, architecture. Johnny's really into that stuff too so it was a grand night that we stayed there. Because we were there for a commercial gig I wasn't about to get my big ol' camera out to photograph the lamp shade BUT I did whip out my iphone. When in doubt, turn off your flash and use as much natural light as possible! And when I wrote I Love You on the perspiring window pane...

The best camera IS the one you have with you.

To note, I used the following apps to edit these photos on my iphone:
Camera + , Image Blender ,  Instagram , Pixlromatic

Have a great Tuesday.  Download some new apps and don't be afraid to play around with them! Don't think. Just do. You never know what you'll come up with!

Well, lots to do on this end!


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Anonymous said...

I agree! You got me started on using Image Blender and I am in love with that app! I always have my phone with me and I don't really tote around any form of camera anymore - just my iPhone.

Times are certainly changing.