Tuesday, January 24

iphoneography tuesdays

It's 9:36pm and as much as I'd like to be tucked in bed, after a cold rainy day
 that little voice in my head (a high pitched squeal, of all things) is yelling at me "Do the blog, idiot!"

So I do the blog. Here it is, Iphoneography Tuesdays AND I cheated.
You may remember them. Three of these photos were dslr pics. The ones with the roses, Johnny's fave.
This top photo however was merged on my iphone, with the "image blender" app. Doesn't that count?

Do you like this horizonal view? I was getting tired of the square. 


See you in the morning!

1 comment:

alisha ippolito said...

I like the vertical view. The square is nice but changing it up every once in a while might keep things fresh :) First time to comment by the way, and just want to say your blog is very inspirational. xo