Monday, January 16

music monday :: blue jeans

The end of November last year, as we were looking over our 2012 calendar we noticed we didn't have a single gig for Jan or Feb. It actually would have been nice, as we thought we'd have a break to catch up, regroup after the crazy holidays. The last three weeks of 2011 we had 4 gigs fall in our lap, all needed to be shot by Jan 20th and each is it's own beast. The second one out of the way was in Houston this past weekend, which we managed to squeeze in another shoot the day before we left town....


We're in way over our heads right now but we're counting our blessings. Our clients are amazing, patient people. We're a bit slow on communication & editing. You've cut us so much slack.

And Ali, our office manager has moved on to larger and grander things. We are SO ecstatic she is pursuing her dreams, but, Lovely, you will be sorely missed! We are looking for a part time office manager for Inkedfingers. (No creative work involved, mostly filing, organizing, packaging, etc)

A lot going on, but all amazing ventures.
Tonight, we photograph a cat's birthday party!

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