Friday, January 6

Shooting in Low Light | The Party in a Good Reception (Agave Road Wedding)

It's easy to take photos in the sunlight,
when we're surrounded by delicious sunflares and blue skies.

In my opinion the real challenge of wedding photography is shooting in low church light, 
or a low lit reception hall with a dj with crazy colored strobes, 
or maybe no strobes at all! How are we supposed to get our cameras
to focus on the bride's face while she's running with her groom to their 
car if there is no light to even see their faces?

It's not easy, but we can rock even low light...
The #1 reason we can get solid shots in a dark setting is our full-frame sensored camera. 
Good camera's don't come cheap for a reason.
 We can bump our ISO up or slow our shutter speed down, or both!
Another way is finding the little light you have and making good use of it...

Take Rebeca and Talal's wedding for example, at Agave Road.

It's not a photographers first preference but sometimes you just have to
point your flash directly towards the subject!
And other times set up slave flash (which we'll get into on a different post.)

The best way to get better at photographing a situation you aren't comfortable with
is just practice practice! Take your camera out at night,
bring your best friend (or your husband or fiance or bf) and try it all out!
Once you figure out what works and how to get the look you want,
challenging situations like low light can become less stressful....
and sometimes even become fun.


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