Saturday, February 18

the color run in austin texas

We're without an office manager, still.
I'm not complaining as we're still two weeks away from the commencement of wedding season. I'm very thankful Johnny & I can get done so much in such a short day. Thus the delay on my blog posts as of late! I've been wanting to blog this for a few weeks now.
Have you ever heard of the color run?

Here's more info if you want to run it in your city!

I don't think they planned for it to be so muddy but truthfully it was a mud-run, no typical 5k!

We took Elle with us. :)

There were definitely characters there!

Here's Johnnyboy sloshing through the pit with Elle! Yes I brought my iphone with me.

And the celebration: 

If you believe in your art, you believe in yourself.  -weareaugustines

Have a great week!


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