Wednesday, February 1

Lovers Button & String Valentines // inkedfingers etsy

Every year the holidays come and go and I am hardly prepared enough to bring to life my paper&ink-filled day dreams. If I could, I would make stationery every day of my life, surrounded in glitter and glue and ink and stamps and pretty things... Here is my meager attempt at a hybrid valentine/stationery set, recently posted in our Etsy store here:

The perfect gift. The perfect splurge. Nestled in a cupid-filled cotton sac.

{Pack of 4} 4x9 inch heart + typewriter stationery on crisp white cotton paper with 
kraft or red button & string envelopes.
Four different sayings, with matching envelopes.

To note: We have had several questions over whether or not the post office would have a problem with the "button and string" clasp. I personally have mailed dozens of them over the last few years and haven't had one returned to me. The secret is in tying it: complete a tight figure 8 several times, then make sure the final loose end is tucked back into the other strings! Voila!

**A secret surprise: Also included in all purchases on our Etsy store from now until Feb 14th is a glittery heart valentine! We're only posting a sneak peek of it, but wait till you see it finished! 
You can keep it for yourself or mail it along to your bff!**

I wanted to give a quick shoutout to Clifton at Central Market flowers in north Austin for helping us pick out these tulips! He actually put together an incredible bouquet for the shoot!! Unfortunately, by the time I had these made only the tulips were photo worthy... In any case, Thanks so much Clifton! We'll be back!! 

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