Monday, February 27

music monday :: caught a long wind

i woke up at 6am for a yoga class this morning. not sure how often that will happen, but it's the first time ever i've forced my alarm to 5:15 for sanity. i had the giggles in class. it was like when i was little and everything was laughable. and... i kept falling over...
yep. that's how it was so how could i not be in my dripping sweat and not laugh at everyone looking at me sideways, one arm in the air, one leg stretched out and me half asleep trying to replicate.


class ended with a guy's cellphone going off four feet from my head as we were in the final 5 minutes of coming back to reality, as a song about missing old lovers played. (who plays colin hayes "just can't get over you" at the end of a yoga class? ha)

in other news, we hired an office manager this past weekend and our first wedding is this coming weekend.
i love stories that end so beautifully, or rather, begin.

caught a long wind.

my favorite segment begins 3:28.
may you have a productive incredible week. live in the moment. don't get angry. laugh at the craziness of it all. really, it's laughable!

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