Tuesday, February 28

nuturing your creativity | elizabeth gilbert

This talk is so good, I'm not even finished listening to it and I had to share it with you.

What's interesting is I've always felt photography for me was a gift,
something I had no control over, a gift that was given to me and at any moment could be taken away.
So there can be no ego involved... no "I, I took this and it's amazing!" Because
I didn't spend years training, I didn't even take more than one class in photography in college.

It just is and I am thankful for it-- whatever it may be.

And have you ever had a song or poem dance into your head that "you wrote"... 
come out of nowhere?

Elizabeth Gilbert speculates why...

I want to thank Gina and Kristen for pointing me to Elizabeth Gilbert.
She's just my kinda gal.

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Lindsey Ramage said...

I watched this a few weeks ago! I had to watch it multiple times. Actually, I should just start my day to it every day!